About me

Spending hours in the African bush, the sound of hyenas at night, birdwatching at sunrise and painting a lion are some of my earliest childhood memories.

My fascination with nature and creating pictures eventually led to a career as a veterinarian that paints them when I’m not treating them. I use my own photos as a reference for my paintings. Wow! Just being out there patiently waiting for the right moment and then the adrenaline rush when I finally press the shutter – followed by the krrrr of high speed drive… When the brush hits the canvas artistic freedom rules. There is a point in the development of a painting when it develops a life of it’s own. When I stop looking at the reference photos and concentrate on the painting alone – that is when I know that I’m almost done. My use of oil on canvas is an attempt to capture a glimpse of the beauty around us. While painting, I also have enough time to ponder the deeper things of life. I paint in multiple thin layers, adding more detail with each layer. As the painting gets closer to the photorealistic effect that I aim for, my story about life becomes clearer as well.

The final product is not only a painting but a window looking into life itself…

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