At the source…

There are fleeting moments in life when we notice something small but out of the ordinary – only later to realise that we have witnessed something very special…

It was a beautiful morning.  There was a shower the night before and everything smelled fresh and clean.  I was surrounded by birds of all kinds of shapes, sizes and colours.  There was a midmorning excitement with lots of interaction, loud calls and greetings as birds kept on arriving from far-away roosting sites.

The large dam in front of me seemed to be the focus of it all.  The surface had a beautiful blue-green shimmer and everybody had their turn scooping up water to quench their thirst after the long night…maybe not quite everybody?

To my left were a few birds hanging around on a pipe coming from a windmill.  When the windmill started creaking and turning in the breeze the first bird shuffled to the edge of the pipe expectantly.  Suddenly there was a stream of crystal clear water gushing out from deep within the earth.  It was only then that I realised that they have been waiting for the wind to blow all along.  They wanted to drink from the source itself!  I have no doubt that the beautiful blue-green water from the dam would have been refreshing…but here were a few individuals that knew that there was something even better!

Is it possible that there is something more than the everyday, mainstream, out-in-the-open, comfortable, everybody-is-drinking-it way of life?  Imagine a source of pure life-giving water.  We might need to look for it.  When we find it, we might need to listen to the wind.  When we can’t see the water flowing immediately, we would still need to believe that it is there and that its is coming.  We might need to persist.  We might need to wait. We might need to dare to be different.

May all of us be at the source when the wind starts blowing.  May all of us hear the water gushing from deep within.  May all of us taste the life giving water – never to thirst again!

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