In progess…

Every painting is a work in progress- just like me. As I go along I add more detail with every layer. If I go in the right direction the painting gradually makes more sense and things start falling in place.

Sometimes as I go along – with good intentions – I start deviating from where I should be going and the painting starts getting worse and not better. If I realise this early on it often just takes a few brush strokes and I am back on track again.

I have worked on paintings in the past, sometimes for months, only to realise that things are drastically wrong and that I do not have the ability to fix it. Time to apply an even layer of white paint – just blot out everything that is wrong and make a fresh start. All the wrongs are gone as if they never happened, very often the new painting is much better than the old one could ever have been!

When we need to fix those small deviations in our lives it is often enough to look inside and get it sorted. If things seem to be beyond repair do not despair, do not give up, look up. I believe God has a fresh layer of white paint availabe for each one of us…

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