Starry Night

I crawled out of the little tent. I was surrounded by darkness. No campfire. My hand lightly brushed against the outside of the canvas, it was wet with dew. I looked around, my eyes still adjusting to the African night. Suddenly I became aware of his ghost-like presence… He was looking intently at me with puzzled eyes before he silently disappeared into the shadows. Neither of us expected to meet like this!

It was only when I looked up at the heavens that I fully appreciated the greatness of that night. I felt like a little speck of dust when I looked at the countless stars surrounding me like a great cloud of witnesses. The milky way was like a river of light, so close I could almost touch it. I felt alone yet so close to heaven at the same time! I felt very small but also part of something infinitely bigger than myself!

We don’t have to meet a hyena to have an amazing experience. Whenever we surrounded by darkness we only need to look up. The darker the night the closer heaven seems to be!

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