I can feel the excitement building inside me, my heart is pounding – no sweaty palms, my hands feel steady – I am so ready for this! Even closer now, just one more step… In a moment I will lift the camera, I will hear the the krrrrrr of high speed drive when I press the shutter! This could be the perfect moment. What?! He’s gone! Turned around and disappeared into the lush vegetation.

What now? Just wait and see if the perfect moment will come to me somehow? No! It is time to move on and reposition myself and wait for the perfect moment again. And again if needed. Sometimes persistent hard work is needed to be in the right place at the right time! Let us not stay in one spot waiting endlessly for life to come to us, let us reposition again and again until the destinies for our lives are fulfilled…

I have seen lions do the same thing when hunting – repositioning again and again until finally their moment comes. That was the inspiration for my painting “Waiting”. No, I wasn’t waiting for a lion in the photo, I was waiting for an antelope…might have been the perfect one!

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